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20 minute rule, Sorting through the garbage pile
The 20 minute rule of all parties walking away and taking a break from the argument.
One of the hardest things in life is to take emotion out of a situation and to stop and think before we speak or react.  The 20 minute rule serves 2 purposes: The first is to give everyone a chance to calm down so things do not escalate to an uncontrollable situation. The second thing it serves is for all parties involved a  few moments to clarify the issue and sort through the garbage pile to find a resolution without violence or saying things that don't matter.
By saying doesn't matter means: When we are involved in an altercation with others and it is filled with emotion, we do not stick to the problem of the moment. We tend to just throw anything and everything into the garbage pile and worse yet never clean up the pile. So we just put more litter in the yard that never gets picked up.
Think of it this way, if there were garbage all over your front yard, how do you start to clea
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A Shovelful of Love helped My
A Shovelful of Love Helped my Heart Fill Up!
Blessed Bliss Year 2 My Love, My Man.
    The first time I looked into your eyes, I realized what purpose, what reason that black empty hole had for laying there in wait all my life.  At that moment, you started throwing a shovelful of love into that hole, on top of that black, loveless, lifeless heart. When you started the burial; Oh, it hurts so bad to watch it slowly decay. I begged it not to leave me, I coveted it so closely to my chest, cleaving it tightly, with raw bloody fingers. I tried to uncover it and bring it back to death. I fought it tooth and nail. You would put a shovelful in and I would dig two back out. Every shovelful you threw in was bigger and bigger, till I couldn't dig as fast as you were filling it up.
     One day without notice I was standing on top of the hole, no longer empty but full, overfull. Spilling love out all over and giving life to a blooming, growing
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where I belong
Where I belong
when I was young and searching
I looked for the world to own me
I walked in a daze
never letting anyone have a lot of me
I was tossed aside by all the loved ones in life..
they left, I left but to no avail
every new lover, every new adventure
would this be the place I belonged finally
I existed, half way lived good enough for me
I guess not becasue I kept searching.
till one day..
Once upon a time:
I looked into the eyes of my home.
I found my, where I belong.
I didn't have to build you, or make you structurally sound
I didn't have to mold you or shape you and place your crown
I didn't have to find exotic ingredients for the most delicious recipe
I didn't have to tear you down and rebuild you
I didn't have to plant you in my soil of busted dreams.
I didn't have to take you to the garage to get fixed over and over again
I didn't have to dream you into my reality.
I didn't have to.............
All I had to do was be me..
you are my anchor,
When I am tossed upon the sea
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Darla griffeth
United States
I am a writer of words, what form they take or what genre' they are is not important to me. Words are passion to me,they are air to me, they are an expression of me. I am passionate in all aspects of my life. I live in my heart and that is a big place to be. I hope when you read my words they will touch you the same way words touch me.
"Long winded dick, swollen scrotum"

Long winded dick
soft swollen scrotum
blue jean barrier
fingers dancing
tickling and stroking.

unzipped and set free
she manipulates with glee
softly, gently, caressing
teasing, pleasing, feeling.

Long winded dick
full swollen scrotum
she plays twisting and touching
balls to tip, slow and easy.

hard flesh in her capable hands
passions desire growing
moans and sighs released
hips moving to her rhythm.

Long winded dick
hard swollen scrotum
needing to be inside
wet, warm, engulfing.

deep inside and gorging
slow, wanting and needing
each stroke anticipating
greedily she pleads, begging.

Long winded dick
screaming swollen scrotum
cum inside me she sighs
his deameanor changing.

kissing and whispering
give me my need, my want
deep inside me, please me
Yes, baby! You filled my need.

Long winded dick
soft empty scrotum
ignited  with desire
vanquishing your fire.

Copyright @
Darla Griffeth 3/18/2014


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